Welcome to the blogsite of Jocel de Guzman.

For this blogsite, there would be no particular topic nor consistent subject matter but only my spontaneous thoughts of daily experiences as a white collar professional in the field of communications. The treatment would be different. I would use a serious tone to drive my point. At my age and in my reality, life has become a serious business afterall. For me, the only constant thing in this universe is not change, but rules. The very process of change is defined by its own rules. There are rules everywhere. We are bounded by rules. One cannot claim that rules don’t exist for that very statement is a rule. Even the so-called rule-breakers have innate rules in breaking the rules. Rules provide order in the universe and in this life be it in the form of laws, ethics, morality, etc.

Thus,  I give you, my Rule of Thumb.

Afterall, life is either thumbs up or thumbs down.

-Jocel de Guzman