Globe CEO Ernest Cu: Salamat Davao!


Globe CEO Ernest Cu is not your typical executive who spends all his time inside the boardroom. For starters, the Globe chief, also known as simply Ernest, actually goes the extra mile to thank personally Globe customers.

In the “Kamustuhan” which is Globe’s customer caravan held in Davao recently, he literally went the “extra miles” to show his unending gratitude to Globe customers “We want our products to go beyond just texting, calling and providing connections between you, your family, and your businesses. And by simply being here, it goes to show that we mean more to you than a simple phone or internet connection. To that, we are truly grateful,” Ernest said.

Loyal Globe patrons such as individual customers, high-end Platinum subscribers, retailers as well as representatives from the local media from Davao City and its adjacent provinces showed an overwhelming support for the Globe CEO. “This is actually our first time to do this in Davao which is an important market for us, that is why we endeavored to ground-break our network modernization in your area, as well as have the initial leg of the “Kamustahan” in your midst,” remarked Ernest.

Ernest revealed that the Kamustahan is the company’s manifestation to get to know its patrons on a deeper level. “We would like to get to know and interact with you on a more regular basis. An emotional bond is what we would like to continue to build with you.Our plans and offers that you availed of were instrumental in our multiple quarters of growth in terms of garnering significant market share over the last two and a half years for the company. It’s an amazing feat for industry like telecommunications, and we have you to thank for that. All credit goes out to you, our loyal Globe subscribers,” Ernest said to the Mindanaoans on hand in the event.

The Kamustahan event in Davao is just the first of the many customer caravans scheduled for 2013 with Ernest Cu. Watch out for the next caravan at your provincial area.


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