The problem of being Ernest (An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind)

When you are a cool successful business leader like Ernest Cu, all eyes are on you. Take this for instance:

A certain remark made by Globe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ernest L. Cu last February 12 at the CloudFone event at Prive, BGC has been making its rounds on the internet –earning the man flak for what was supposed to be a spirited jab.

In an official statement by Globe, the words said in pure jest were said to have not been part of Mr. Cu’s official speech. He has been misquoted, taken out of context and the whole thing has now blown out of proportion in different social media networks, perhaps with the aid of a few from the rival telco’s side.

Globe has always put its consumers first. And as a selfless man who has always found a way to put others before him, it is a sentiment Mr. Cu takes to heart. Which is why the attacks, which have escalated on a personal level on several blogs and social mediums, seem to be unnecessary and uncalled for. It is quite unfortunate that the bloggers found it more newsworthy to mudsling and to bully, to talk about a misquote instead of the official business of that day.

And it’s instances like this, when people in media use their voice to hastily criticize than to report news, that make cyber bullying a real problem. Because suddenly, instead of inviting open-minded discourse, only one side, is being aired while the other, bashed. No matter what the real story is, the public figure is left shamed by the faceless name on the Internet.

This is why it would then be much more beneficial for all to focus on what Mr. Cu and Globe have been doing for their consumers, instead of something that was said to friends. And in doing so, perhaps find a way to properly express comments and opinions instead of simply bashing or throwing shallow criticisms. At the end of the day, an eye for an eye, or simply, a retort for a remark, leaves the whole world blind –and infinitely, no one better off.


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