Boycott Starbucks Coffee!

So there I was, looking from left to right and vice versa as if I was doing something illegal, something criminal. When the coast was clear and found no authorities watching, I lighted a stick of Marlboro on the sidewalk of Pasong Tamo Extension in front of Starbucks Coffee which is a very busy street in Makati and considered to be a “public place”. Since July 1, 2011 smoking in public places in the Philippines has become illegal.

So yes, technically, I was indeed doing an illegal activity. I was breaking the law.

But it was not my fault. It was Starbucks’ fault.

After being a patron of Starbucks brand since the time they first opened in the 6750 Building in 1997, I was shocked and saddened to find out that all of its branches nationwide have no longer a smoking area. As in all, even the one inside Resorts World where the entire building is practically a smoking area.

Starbucks Coffee just lost one customer who consumed one to two mugs of brewed coffee a day for more than a decade. I used to hold almost all my meetings outside the office in Starbucks because of the smoking area they used to have.

How many Starbucks customers like me who are now seeking nicotine refuge while enjoying a cup of coffee in Bo’s Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tealeaf and Figaro?

Coffee is the perfect match for smoking and given the number of smokers among middle class working men and women, Starbucks is losing at least 40% of its customers in all branches nationwide. Convert that in sales value and I am telling you, they are losing income.

Smoking may be bad for my health but it is good for my soul.  It keeps me sane from the madness of this world. Since time immemorial like two to ten centuries ago, man was already smoking and it is only in this time that the health issues have been raised. It’s not smoking nor second hand smoke but the pollution caused by deadlier smoke emission in vehicles and factories that contributed to the increasing number of lung failure fatalities.

Speaking on behalf of all smokers, we respect the rights of non-smokers and that is why we patronize coffee shops with smoking areas.  With the new regulation of Starbucks Coffee, it only means that its management doesn’t want our business and so we will take it elsewhere.

Thus, I urge all fellow smokers to boycott Starbucks Coffee and let us bring our business in coffee shops with smoking areas.

Boycott Starbucks Coffee!

My Rule of Thumb for Starbucks No Smoking Policy: TRIPLE THUMBS DOWN!!!


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  1. I feel for you.

    I’m now staying at coffee bean and tea leaf enjoying my cup of coffee and cigar.

    Oh and I also love their swirl card which gives me a free access to their wifi 🙂

  2. I am fascinated by the fact that your third thumb is also pointing down.

    Regarding this…
    “It’s not smoking nor second hand smoke but the pollution caused by deadlier smoke emission in vehicles and factories that contributed to the increasing number of lung failure fatalities.”
    Do you have medical evidence?


    Consider this scenario: I stole your second-hand cellphone and somebody else stole your brand new BMW. Should I be excused because what I stole was negligible in value compared to the car? Of course not! I still committed a crime.

    I know you feel betrayed because your “third family” won’t support your vice anymore. And I understand your desire to “get back at them” by calling on all smokers to boycott the establishment, hoping to cripple them so they could come crawling back, begging for your forgiveness. Good luck with that.

  3. The Starbucks barista just told me that they’re bringing back the smoking areas in select Starbucks stores this saturday. I guess that didn’t last long, considering the noticeably big drop of customers in their stores.

  4. Starbucks is considering bringing back the smoking areas in their stores. Apparently their sales dropped since they imposed the No Smoking policy. Kapal kasi ng mukha na makisawsaw sa MMDA ayan tuloy kumonti nagkakape sa kanila. hahaha… Nakakatawa na nakakahiya talaga ang Starbucks! And now they’re begging the smokers to come back!

  5. Is this a big joke? Making Metro Manila 100% smoke-free? C’mon!

    The smoke we unfortunately inhale from vehicles all over this sordid metropolis will still be all over us. So, tell me, how is this policy going to ensure that MMDA can make Metro Manila 100% smoke-free? Yeah, right, dream on.

    MMDA (if they still have half their wits) should instead find solutions to traffic problems in the first place, rather than a bold and misplaced attempt at becoming the pseudo-Department of Health.

    As a side note, while on the MMDA topic, maybe this agency should also stop pretending that it is the new Department of Morality considering the brouhaha they created on whether a billboard image is “malaswa” or not. Sus, sino ba yang eng-eng na MMDA head na papogi points lang ang inaatupag??

  6. Good. I hate smelling cigarette smoke. Go to another planet and smoke. I will go to Starbucks and buy a drink to celebrate you won’t be smoking there, you inconsiderate killer.

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